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Earn more interest with a Certificate of Deposit (CD).

At Community State Bank, you can invest in a CD for 91 days, 4 years, or any time in between. Open a CD with $1,000 or more and enjoy a guaranteed rate. The interest you earn on a CD can be mailed to you semi-annually, compounded semi-annually, or credited to your checking or savings account. Designed to fit a variety of investment needs, our CDs are safe and yield competitive rates!

Penalty for early withdrawal for CDs. Fees may reduce earnings.  Consumer rates only.  Please ask for a quote regarding corporate or public funds. Member FDIC.


Looking for a way to save for college?

Our College Fund CD makes it easy! Start saving with $25 and build for the future with unlimited deposits. 

Three withdrawals of a minimum of $1,000 are allowed per year after age 17 and additional withdrawal will be subject to a 12 month interest penalty. If there are funds in the account after maturity, the funds will remain in the account without accruing additional earnings. 
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