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older couple walking together in an airport on their way to go on a trip with Community State bank Five Star Club Words on Image say Five Star Trips

A Five Star account benefits you personally and financially.

For Community State Bank’s customers who are at least 50 years old and have a $5,000 relationship with the bank, we have an incredible club for you! We offer many different exciting trips and events. Check back frequently for updated Five Star Club happenings. We’re always looking for experiences for our club members and we want you along for the ride! Email us or give us a call to sign up.

Why join? FIVE STAR checking with no minumum balance to maintain, and no monthly service charge PLUS, no charge for personalized Five Star checks! Limited to one account per household. Take advantage of $10 off a Safe Deposit Box, too!

Watch your monthly statements for news about new banking services, day trips, excursions and more!